Japan Nuke and BP Oil Disasters on Purpose?

I wouldn’t put it past the powers that be to do something so despicable.  That’s just what they do throughout history.  According to the evidence trail, it looks as though the Rothschilds are striking Japan.

What is the motive?  Japan is not as susceptible to Zionist propaganda and such justifications as the Jewish Holocaust for everything from clamping down on free speech to waging wars don’t fly there because they had their own Holocaust courtesy of the USA.  Incidentally ground zero for one of the nukes was directly over a Catholic church in the most Christian part of Japan.

So this could be another orchestrated attack on the people and economy of Japan, like US government and media’s attacks against Toyota’s gas pedals last year, which it now turns out was not Toyota’s fault at all.

The fact that Israelis were contracted for security at the reactors also raises an eyebrow.  They really do have their fingers in all the places they should definately not be.



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3 Responses to Japan Nuke and BP Oil Disasters on Purpose?

  1. zionistgoldreport says:

    Sorry for the delay in getting back. Thanks for your comments on the Miso soup. This is going to go on for at least 3 months to as long as 1 year in Canada and the USA. Looks like the Sampson plan as when the Queen Lizard and her filthy banker Rothschilds sent the witch that runs Oz to tell the USA we had to attack Iran, no one showed up to listen to her. Glad you found a place to ride out Rothschilds big move. Hopefully we will live to see him and his pal David Rockefeller hang for their crimes.

    Take Care

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