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Japan Nuke and BP Oil Disasters on Purpose?

I wouldn’t put it past the powers that be to do something so despicable.  That’s just what they do throughout history.  According to the evidence trail, it looks as though the Rothschilds are striking Japan. What is the motive?  Japan … Continue reading

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The Future is Ours

I have never heard of Jacque Fresco, and you probably have not heard of him either.  A lot of people complain about the way things are but few have the vision to build an alternative.  Jacque Fresco is one of … Continue reading

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Harper Says Canada Will Fall for Israel

I mean stand for Israel… but really we are falling for Israel.  As many people are aware, Canada is controlled largely by the USA.  Less common is the knowledge that the USA is presently largely under the political control of … Continue reading

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